Kiwi VoIP Regional Numbers

Kiwi VoIP Regional Numbers

Kiwi VoIPís coverage just got even better. We now support all calling regions in New Zealand.  Add a number to your kiwivoip account today and remember to tell your friends, family and business partners so they can save too!

Below is a full list of regional numbers now available on kiwivoip ordered by the major calling area followed by the minor calling areas within that region:

How do I add a new regional number to my account?

To add a line from any of these regions to your existing account logon to kiwivoip live, select plans and services and then add a line to my account.  Additional regional numbers are $6/month unless included in your plan allowance.

Can I Port an Existing Number?

Yes you can port a number to us from any of the new regions. If you wish to port an existing number please follow our standard porting process.